For most of his life, Cary Grant, one of Hollywood’s greatest stars, was troubled with self–doubt and insecurity – the result of childhood trauma. In his fifties, reaching mid-life, he took a long course of LSD therapy, hoping to exorcise his demons. Using words from his unpublished autobiography and newly-discovered and evocative footage shot by Grant, we explore the star’s journey from childhood poverty to global fame, and from darkness to light. We discover, for the first time, a different Cary Grant, the man behind the mask of subtle charm and suave sophistication that he wore to hide his insecurities. This is the moving story of a man in search of himself, on a quest to find the love that eluded him for most of his life.

The words of Cary Grant are spoken by Jonathan Pryce, the music is by Tim Norfolk & Bob Locke (The Insects) and Adrian Utley (Portishead).